Foreword I am quite confident that even as the oceans boil, and the hurricanes beat violently against our once safe shores, and the air sweats with the heat of impending doom, and our fists protest the denial of climate justice, that there is a path to take that has nothing to do with victory or defeat: a place we do not yet know the coordinates to; a question we do not yet know how to ask. The point of the departed arrow is not merely to pierce the bullseye and carry the trophy: the point of the arrow is to sing the wind and remake the world in the brevity of flight. There are things we must do, sayings we must say, thoughts we must think, that look nothing like the images of success that have so thoroughly possessed our visions of justice. May this new decade be remembered as the decade of the strange path, of the third way, of the broken binary, of the traversal disruption, the kairotic moment, the posthuman movement for emancipation, the gift of disorientation that opened up new places of power, and of slow limbs.

May this decade bring more than just solutions, more than just a future - may it bring words we don't know yet, and temporalities we have not yet inhabited. May we be slower than speed could calculate, and swifter than the pull of the gravity of words can incarcerate. And may we be visited so thoroughly, and met in wild places so overwhelmingly, that we are left undone. Ready for composting. Ready for the impossible. Welcome to the decade of the fugitive.


Bayo Akomolafe


Omar Ali

About Bayo

In order to find your way, you must lose it. Generously. To learn about Bayo and catch an introductory glimpse of his work, life experiences, and motivations, read his brief account of how he became lost, a wanderer in the wilds, seeking a form of worship that has not yet been invented.

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Worshipping Lali

You are welcome. This website is a digital altar of assembled longings, desires, memories, and experiments at the edges of fugitivity - a wild offering to the goddess Lali (Bayo’s wife and life-partner), who is Bayo’s continued poetic inspiration and grounding to cavort with the strangeness of a magical world. Read Bayo Akomolafe’s essays, short posts, musings, and thoughts about pressing public matters.

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Journeys & Explorations

Learn about Bayo’s visionary offerings, his courses, his projects, his impossible dreams for a planetary, trans-local, postactivist movement at the “end of the world”, and how you might become a part of these projects.

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