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Below, you'll find an FAQ section – a living document of questions I receive about my work when I speak, travel, read my email, and give keynotes. The questions here change over time, as do the answers.

How do I get you to come speak at my university, organization, city, online project, etc?
Send me an email. It’s really that simple. Whether it is to give a commencement speech, to teach, to be interviewed on your show or podcast, or speak with your community, my acceptance usually depends on consultations with my family. Given their approvals - and mutually agreeable terms of reference - I will meet with you.
What are you currently working on?
I am currently writing my third book, which I have tentatively titled: “The Times are Urgent, Let us Slow Down.” During this time, I will be doing much of what I am used to doing: speaking and writing. To see older works, check out the pages for offerings and engagements.
What do I get out of taking your course(s)?
My courses are hardly about skill development. They are mostly about what I often call “generative incapacitation.” The question really should be, “what gets taken away from me? How do I fail more generously?” MY courses are modelled after some shamanic encounters in which one’s flesh is cut open to allow the diasporic body to overwhelm the local one, to allow a glimpse of new possibilities, to shake up the lethargic and exhausted complacency of familiar categories of thinking. My courses are pedagogical shocks to thought and unbothered continuity. If they work well at all, you’d come in with a confident stride and leave with a limp; you’d come with refined eloquence and leave with a lisp. But it is these cracks in the smoothness of things that allow new worlds to congeal.
How do I sign up for your newsletters?
At the end of this Contact page, you’ll find an invitation to "Join my mailing list."
How can I be part of The Emergence Network?
The Emergence Network is the receptacle of my dream to inspire, lead, and help co-create an unprecedented planetary “movement” in postactivism, a network of inquiry and fugitive study often congealing into projects that go beyond the liberal humanist frameworks of education and justice. Please make your inquiries about how to participate in our projects by writing to us at
Do you do private mentoring and coaching work?
No. Not really. I will often meet with people online. And I do not charge fees for this (I did not grow up in a culture that encourages the monetization of hospitality, though this is obviously not a “bad” thing). If my space allows, I am happy for us to talk, to listen to you, and to offer some insights.
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