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July 24, 2019

A Matter of Justice

Justice is limited in its effects.

It may include you and give you a seat at the table, but it doesn’t know how to shake up the menu. It may give you access to secret rooms, but then you’d never know the wild beauty of a starry dome cradling your goodnight. And when it makes you king and queen of the House, it will also chain you to your throne – a prisoner of privilege. Justice is a creature of the House.

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It serves, but must be served in return, often to the exclusion of the otherwise. One must often go beyond the conservative architecture that is justice’s domain. Outside the windows, often stealing in as vermin and other ignominious critters, the unthought gestures towards us, dancing in fields too unruly to be tamed by the stoic service of the familiar. She glows seductively.