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November 24, 2013

Certainty is a ruse

If you never want to go astray, never ask a question; never entertain any doubts; never break a rule; never cross a boundary.

Stick true to the prescribed territories and you will be heaven-safe. The most lasting cure for unbridled curiosity is unyielding certainty. However, to those who hear silent echoes in the gaps, and heed their ancient call; to those who will fall by the wayside, a rousing realization will await you as you pierce the sullen membranes and hit the floor: there are no highways.

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Certainty is a ruse – the innkeeper’s silent chuckle. There are no fixed territories or final destinations. No stable spots. And we all are inhabitants of a wildness so alive, so intrusively alive, that even the dead things stare when we are not looking, and mock our snotty-nosed declarations of safety. The most lasting cure for unyielding certainty is a trip to where the wild things are: in your blind spots.