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April 2, 2015

Coming to our senses

To come to our senses could mean we begin to see our dysfunctionalities as scripts from primal languages we do not comprehend, as the ancient tongues of a parliament of worlds that constitutes ‘us’, and as the apertures through which ‘we’ partake of the public feelings and wordless heartbeats of leaf, sun and rock.

To come to our senses is to reclaim sanity – not as the utilitarian, prudish reduction of aliveness to a few protocols of logic, but as wild connection, as participation in a wider field of play, as a licentious coming to life…over and over again. It is to reframe our weaknesses as sensitivity to diverse ways of experiencing the world, and our gaps as the places where grace pierces through. It is to enter the arenas of becoming with feet unshod, and to know – ragingly – that failing to measure up are how stars become supernovae.

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