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February 2, 2015

Falling in love with the local

Building local economies means much more than challenging the war march of a techno-political abstraction and its blood-rampage throughout the earth.

Understanding today’s poignant issues might suggest that we learn to see how trade agreements and treaties between conspiring nations and corporations are reconfiguring our lives so that we are losing our homes, our senses of belonging, our languages, and our affinities with non-human worlds, but there’s more – much more to a sentence of a love-sickened poet than rhyme and meter. I think we are being invited – by the tempestuous winds – to fall in love with life again, to recognize the wonderful, to trust that we have allies beyond the might of our arms, to see that what we know and what we don’t aren’t estranged islands but eyes on the same head, and to notice how our persistence in following the obvious paths excludes the enchanted alternatives that might offer us more thrilling glimpses of home.

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