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April 9, 2015

Losing theo-clinical models of wellbeing

Why do most of us feel like inner frauds? Like we don’t fit in? Like we are hypocrites – conflicted and broken behind smiling masks of authenticity?

Muffling the voices of our daimons with loud calls for ‘love and light’? It’s because our souls are getting stranger. They are no longer clogged at the pores, closed in by stories about our magnificent superiority and the ethics of sin, holiness and distance. We, citizens of these borderlands, inhabitants of a country without a name, orphaned by the encroachment of the nonsensical, are breaking away from those theo-clinical standards of wellbeing and disorder. A suprarational realm is becoming palpable to many of us. Our consciousness is ‘evolving’, and we are holding space for sentiments and voices far more compelling than ours, far stranger than the human ones we are used to. We are melting through the clinical boxes of wellbeing, seeping into protean worlds of shadows and black suns. We are ‘gaining’ an expanded authenticity.

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