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August 29, 2014

May your road be rough

At the crests of a new journey, at the proud borders of the town, you will encounter the spirits of the crossroads, a thief on the highway, the ghosts of the dusk’s shimmering in-between sky and ground, unblinking, deceitful yellow eyes floating in anonymous shrubbery, and a delicious moon whose light does more to tantalize than to illuminate your path.

Traveler, do not shrink from them, or seek to vanquish them. Let them haunt you, steal from you, deceive you, and unsettle you, for the trickster brings gifts deeper than safe arrival, wider than homecomings, and finer than destinations.

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Cast a stone in honour of her/his presence; pay homage to these emissaries of transience. And as you cross the boundaries, you might notice that it isn’t you that has done the travelling at all, but the very nature of things.