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August 20, 2013

No more need for lords

We are not separate from nature. Better still, there is no such thing as ‘nature’.

Nature is a fading myth, the cursory invention of a moment that sought to divest the world of her magic, her voice, her power. We are relearning our intimacy with the planet, realising how closely allied we are, how deeply entangled we are to all around us. We are learning that the wounds we inflicted on our lands and on the distant ‘other’ seared our own lives and cut us bone-deep.

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Today’s great transformation is an awakening to a different sort of dream, an awakening to the notion that we are one – in ways too curious and spellbinding to commit to the fragility of words and numbers. Today’s transformation is the small, still voice beckoning on us to return home – away from the prodigal cities of steel and glass we have built, and back into the warm embrace of the land; away from our crusades for lordship and supremacy, and into the warm embrace of loamy soil and calloused hands…the one place where there is no need to be a lord anymore.