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May 21, 2018

The Future is Beautiful

Dancing with my daughter and singing my son to sleep is just as cosmic as a star exploding and expiring in space.

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In this week’s episode Amisha takes a deep dive with poet, philosopher, psychologist and professor Bayo Akomolafe at the end of a three week enquiry into Sacred Activism at Schumacher College. The result is something of a cosmonaut’s voyage into the nature of truth, reality and our relationship to it.

Bayo outlines his understanding of sacred activism and what it means to live in a “post-truth” world. He offers observations on how our responses in these urgent times may well perpetuate the crisis we try to escape and what the alternatives might be.

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Together Bayo and Amisha explore the opportunity that lies in the depths of confusion, the indigenous wisdom found at the heart of quantum physics and how caring for our children is as cosmic as an exploding star.

Bayo shares the story of his younger years and a great loss which catalysed his quest for truth and meaning. He speaks also of his current work with The Emergence Network, exploring new kinds of noticing, initiating space for slowing down and finding ways to reanimate the small to bring enchantment back to our world.

At the heart of his invitation lies a simple but radical shift of perspective and a new question to walk with, that might lead us to new forms of activism and new ways to serve the times we are living in.