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September 12, 2015

The rebellion of being still

What is progress?

Progress is the name we give to the curious idea that it is more important to compete in an abstracted space with faceless disembodied avatars, to sit at a cubicle-contained desk punching numbers into a computer in return for figures, to climb up an imagined ladder where real worth awaits, and to run a race whose winner is its ultimate victim – than it is to attend to the riddling yelps of a young child, to acquaint oneself with the shape-shifting mysteries of play, and to lose oneself over and over again in the swirling eddies of love.

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In a culture that largely defines worthiness, sanity, and success in terms of how distant we are from our feelings, how far and fast we run away from our roots, how numb we are to the fluency of our bodies, daring to slow down…daring to be still is the most damning act of rebellion.