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July 29, 2018

There is no yellow brick road…

There is no yellow brick road that snakes through.

There is no singular or essential thing to do. There is no fundamental answer. No alienated genius. No transcendent way of seeing. This is not the same thing as saying ‘anything goes’. What counts as a response or as ‘right’ action is always specific to the context that generates the crisis. But it is this specificity that unsettles the idea that gestures, thoughts and patterns of responding can be successfully codified, polished and idealized as product.

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While we can be grateful for the maps that we have received to decipher the way before us, the way itself is a collaboration of humans and their surroundings – and each generation will have to meet the forest anew in her unbridled vibrancy, knowing that the known paths may still be helpful, but it is far more likely that they do not lead to the same destinations.