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November 15, 2017

This unease

This unease at the seat of your belly, like a precious lover’s note squeezed into the palms of a soldier at war, has braved the fierce winds of the normal.

Tend to her wounds. Be hospitable to her. Her message is dire: that there is more to the world we take for granted. That behind the screen of the familiar lies haunting forms and erasures and lost notes and silenced tunes. That the places of power we assume are neutral, monolithic and everlasting are also put together, jumbled together, like the rest of us.

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If you’d allow this unease, this itch, this discomfort, this rebel, this alien disruption, to do her work and have her say, you might take a walk in the places you are used to, in the manner you are used to, and notice the same things you notice…only this time, you might stop and say: “Hmm, that’s odd.”