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January 13, 2015

Today, I declare my war with you to be over

Thought to share this again…in these momentous times of unyielding sides and unsheathed swords.

“Today, I declare my war with you to be over.

I will no longer grip your throat or hold a sword to your sides for I no longer seek to be better than you, to be greater than you, or to be worthier than you.

I have sent my high horse scampering gratefully towards the wilds whence it came; all I have is my broken feet – tethered to the dark and mushy dirt as yours are, our common heritage.

And though I sometimes see the world in ways that are different in your vision, I recognize that my visions could not possibly thrive if yours aren’t breathing, and that no gaze is complete, total or absolute; I recognize that we are allies in ways that transcend our games of belief, of creed, and of sides. We are siblings in wordless places.

I no longer see you as fodder for my salvation, as flotsam on the ocean of my inner promiscuities, as the circumference of a circle that revolves around me. We are the circle – together, you and I – and yet part of a circle with no conceivable circumference and no sacred essences.

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I have given up on the race that promised the heavens to both of us – and yet silently cast us in a drama of finish lines, broken tapes and polished trophies…in the game of winners and losers, of sinners and angels. Let my legacy, my memory, my enlightenment be you – in all your messiness, in your threadbare vulnerability.

Today, I bring a plate of peace-porridge to your fleshy feet – not to embrace you as a convenient other, not to climb higher towards the neon light of moral superiority, not to obey a distant creed – but to recognize you as my now-source, my destiny, my middle-places, and my wonderful contradiction.

Today I reclaim you – we are together royals of fleeting kingdoms, orphans of the lost, co-weavers of the present, magnificent beyond our words, our boundaries, our stampede for power, our realities, and the curious ideas that suggest you and I are separate and undone.

Today my war with you ends. I see you.”

– Bayo Akomolafe, The Wilds Beyond our Fences

Photography by Brett Walker