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June 14, 2019

We won’t save the world.

It is commendable that we recognize that the world is not disposable.

It’s not just a plaything for our performances of forward movement. It stakes its claims to agency and power – qualities we usually reserve for ourselves. Now we must also acknowledge that we will not save the world. To attempt to save the world is to render it – strange it seems – eminently disposable. For in the attempt, however well-intentioned the effort, we simultaneously position ourselves ‘outside’ of material rhythms of transience that mobilises all things in fluid comings and goings.

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We perpetuate the myth of complete repair, the very storyline of colonial progress that encourages us to look past foreclosures, past endings, past lingering oppressions, into a promissory future where everything is set right. Moreover, our previous efforts at trying to save the world are part of what brings us here.