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November 30, 2013

You are not normal

You are not ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ – such ‘things’ only exist in lazy metaphors and fading myths.

You are not ordinary; you are a raging festival of drunken light, you are thunder in a bottle, lightening in a brushstroke, echoes of myths and solemn songs too faint to hear – too wondrous to dance to. You are not normal or singular; you are a mad taboo in jungle fire, you are magical verses in cryptic scripts, you are your own greatest contradiction – the universe’s way of coming to sensuous union with its own voluptuous contours. You are beautiful in your grief, powerful in your fear, mysterious in your doubt, dangerous in your faith, promising in your sadness, enchanted in your darkness, and amazing in your wisdom.

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Yes, you are not only ‘not ordinary’, you need not be ‘extraordinary’ – for one who is contained by everything, boundaried by nothing, innervated by all things, and connected to anything does not need extras.